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Medical Equipment & Supplies

Bell Apothecary is your one-stop-shop in Easton for a wide range of medical equipment and supplies. Healthcare comes in different forms, and we have the equipment and supplies to make your day to day easier. From safety equipment to incontinence care, mastectomy products, orthopedic supports, and more, our inventory is expansive and can provide support in all areas of your health. We are here to provide assistance so you can find the medical supplies that provide relief and fit all of your specific needs. When you need medical equipment or supplies, you can rely on your local pharmacy, Bell Apothecary, for the highest quality supplies. 

Medical Equipment Supplies: 

  • Home Healthcare items for daily living

  • Bathroom Safety Equipment

  • Ambulatory Aids

  • Incontinence Care

  • OTC Supports and Braces

  • Vascular Support and Compression Stockings




Bell Apothecary can assist you whether you need skin care products, cushioning, glucose meters, incontinence products, or other healthcare items. 

noun_knee support brace_2351748.png


Orthopedic braces and supports can help in the case of joint pain, a sports injury, bone breaks, and other conditions. We carry high-quality braces that can help the recovery and healing process. 

noun_wrist brace_2351747.png


Compression stockings and arm sleeves are designed to promote blood circulation and expedite healing throughout the body. We carry various compression pieces that aid the recovery process. 

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

We are committed to improving the quality of your life

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