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Mastectomy Boutique

Bell Apothecary offers Mastectomy products to help with the transition and healing process after the procedure. A Mastectomy is a procedure that removes breast tissue to prevent or treat breast cancer. We understand that this can be an overwhelming time, and we are here to support women and provide high-quality products to make the process easier. We strive to help women improve their confidence, comfort, health, and quality of life through our Mastectomy boutique. 

The following are the products we offer in our Mastectomy Boutique: 

  • Foam Breast Forms

  • Mastectomy Bras

  • Post Mastectomy Surgery Camisoles

  • Silicone Breast Prosthesis

  • Silicone Shapes for Balancing

  • Waterproof Swim Forms

  • Lymphedema Compression

  • Certified Fitters

  • Private Consultation Area

  • Available By Appointment

  • We are taking all precautions to keep you safe.

  • We are wearing masks, staggering appointments, and sanitizing all touched, items , and areas after each visit.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

We are committed to improving the quality of your life

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